8 July 2020


If you like the Career Mode, you will love the new feature introduced with the last update: the Junior Team.

Let’s discover how to create a winning team, step by step!

1.Create and manage your team

To create a Junior Team you must be running in the Moto2TM or MotoGPTM class. During the season the new tabs in the Career Hub will introduce the team creation. The rule is simple: you can open teams in classes lower than yours to let them race in the next season. You won’t be just a rider, but also a mentor and a Team Principal for a new generation of young talents!

A team needs a Team Manager, whose skills will influence the ability to attract sponsors and to hire good riders. The Technical Director, instead, will influence the bike development and the on track performance during the weekend.

Sponsorship offers will couple bikes, sponsor financing and result goals: be careful to find the correct balance.

Finally, you can hire one or two riders, with their own skill set, and see them grow inside your team.

When feel confident of your choices, the costs and revenues forecasts, you are ready to hit the track!

2. Teams’ Presentation

The teams’ presentation sets expectations and emotions to the highest level: you can choose bike and suit liveries, riding gears, and colors to make your riders stand out.

3.Improve your performance

While the season goes on, keep an eye on results, development, new job offers, and the next season planning in the main hub. The calendar view also integrates all the delivery dates of the upgrade packages from the Junior Teams.

Speaking of development, you can improve your results investing money to get travel discounts or training your riders or your engineers. This will have different outcomes, but an efficient team has to seek perfection in all details.

And after all the planning, all the hopes and the expectations, it comes the race day. The red lights go out and the track will tell its verdict! You can simulate your Junior Team race but it’s more fun to follow it live, cheering for your riders, fearing every curve, and finally getting the rewards for your efforts!